Welch Tarkington, Inc. superbly coordinated the complete renovation of our corporate headquarters space. They were able to develop a multi-phase approach to complete the renovation while we occupied the space, enabling us to continue with business without missing a beat.
— Garrett Johnson, Office Manager & Executive Assistant—Lanier Parking
I was delighted with how Welch Tarkington organized and executed the complete renovation of our corporate cafeteria, which serves our Atlanta employee workforce. The completion of our cafeteria came in ahead of schedule, delighting our employees who heavily rely on it.
— Ron Falkner Vice President, Corporate Real Estate
“Welch Tarkington, Inc. has been our contractor of choice on three separate occasions over the past twenty years to completely renovate our offices. Each renovation required multi-phasing, adding complexity to the project. Each time we are thrilled with the quality of the work and the quick pace of construction.”
— Alyson Franklin, Staff Administrator—Elarbee, Thompson, Sapp & Wilson, LLP
“Welch Tarkington, Inc. has been many of our tenants’ contractor of choice at Preston Ridge III. I am completely confident with their attention to all facets of construction, making each build-out a success. We value our partnership with Welch Tarkington and have complete confidence in their workmanship.”
— Jenna Diez, Property Manager Preston Ridge III
“I have chosen to work with Welch Tarkington, Inc. on the build out of multiple dental offices, and each time I have been completely satisfied with the delivery of the end product. After working with them successfully for my business needs over a number of years, I have even trusted them to renovate portions of my private residence with complete confidence in the quality of the work.”
— Dr. Stewart, DDS